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2017-2018 Cru Leadership Opportunities

As the school year draws to a close, we are preparing for next year and you can be a part of serving the greater Cru community through your gifts and talents! We are currently accepting applications for students who are interested in being a part of our servant leadership teams here at Cru.

Opportunities exist within the Faith Life Team, the Cru Life Team and the Weekly Meeting Team. Interested individuals should apply here.  Please note: All applicants will need to have a peer reference from a fellow student at App, preferably from your Community Group Leader or Coach. Please ask your reference to fill out the reference form here

Summary of servant leadership teams:


Faith in Action Team

Our newly formed team is inviting students into a life of inspiring faith. We help the Cru community take steps of faith, big and small– together in love. Too often, the lives of Christian college students look no different than those who don’t know Jesus: We maximize our own security and comfort. We are silent when we should speak up. We settle for the past of least resistance. The Faith in Action team is all about going against the status quo. Whether it’s sharing the gospel for the first time to sharing a meal with someone who is hurting, we champion intentional acts aimed at inviting people to experience Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. More than just creating events, this role is intentionally developmental. Expect to be stretched in your faith and have a deeper understanding of the beauty and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Things we do:

  • We host “learning and action labs” that develop core practices of Christian faith.

    • “How to Share Jesus Without Freaking Out”

    • “The Lost Art of Communication”

    • “Jesus, justice, and making a difference in the world”

  • We create campus outreaches that give people a taste of Jesus.

  • We are sponsoring an alternative spring break (Haiti, Dominican Republic, or Cuba)

Time Commitment:

  • 1.5 – 2hrs/ week.   Need to be available on Thursdays at 7:30.


Cru Life Team

The goal of the Cru Life Team is to foster a fun, invitational community where authentic relationships can form and thrive. We rely on the creativity and faithfulness of this team to create weekly or biweekly spaces where the Cru community can come together and where outsiders can begin to plug into this rich relational network. Cru Life is also crucial in pulling off some of our larger events throughout the year, including our Fall Retreat, Tailgates at Football Games, Barn Parties, Semi-Formal etc. 

Being a part of the Cru Life requires attendance at a weekly team meeting (1-2 hours) and a commitment to helping the team plan and put on the various events for the Cru community.

Weekly Meeting Team

We desire for the Cru weekly meeting to be the launch pad for students to come help change the World. Our Weekly Meeting Team strives to be a team, not just a workgroup. We dream of creating a dynamic environment that is welcoming, Gospel-centered, and compels students to action for Jesus Christ. Students involved with this team seek to: 1.) Promote the Cru Weekly Meeting on campus creatively and persuasively; 2.) Infuse the community with a pattern and practice of Prayer; and 3.) Plan out ways for the weekly meeting to be a welcoming, fun, and life changing place where people can come to explore questions about God and grow in their faith regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. 

Being a part of the Cru Weekly Meeting Team requires attendance at a weekly team meeting (1 hour) and a commitment to attending and serving all Weekly Meetings (Thursday nights).

Thank you for your consideration and interest in serving with us!