Have Questions? Let’s explore them together!


As you probably have come to realize, college is a place filled with questions! Professors and fellow students ask them every day. Did you get this assignment completed? Why do you think that? What is the answer? Who are you? What do you think about this thing or idea?

If we are honest, the majority of us ask ourselves questions every day too. Who am I? What do I want to study or do with my life? Can I pass this test? If I ask her out, will she say yes?

Ultimately, college is not only a great place to ask questions, but also to search for truth. Last week we started a new series called We are.” In this series we want to explore what an authentic Christian community should look like. A big part of being an authentic community is being honest about where we are, including the questions we struggle with. It is really tempting to act like we have it all together, or to think that everyone around us does actually have it all together, but that isn’t reality.

We want to be a place where people can bring hard questions, questions they are struggling with in their lives. It is ok to doubt, to want to understand why, or want to own something for yourself and not just depend on what someone else tells you.

We would love to hear your questions here. You can anonymously let us know your questions, and over the next few months, we will talk about some of your questions in our weekly meetings! We look forward to hearing what you have to say!