Coaching Notebook: Next Steps

Need a specific resource for your coaching times? Here you can find articles that contain over 50 years of experience from both Cru staff members and various teachers and preachers.

Section One: Training                                                             

Art of Discussion

Gospel-Centered Questions:  getting at our heart motivations

Life Map:  heroes, hand of God, hard times, high points, heritage

Planning for Coaching Appointments

Spiritual Multiplication

The Acid Test:  seeing everything as a gift

Requiring Others to Take Responsibility for their choices

Technology and the Heart:  trying to appear better than we are on social media

Thinking Rightly About God:  maintaining a noble concept of God

Section Two: Sharpening Your Character

All of Life is Repentance:  how the gospel transforms repentance

Boys Who Can Shave:  moving from adolescence to manhood

Ingredients of Growth:  grace + truth over time

Obedience Not Victory:  our responsibility for holiness

Standing Strong (Sexual Purity for women)

Fruit of the Spirit Defined

8 Principles for Dating (for Women) 

The Snare of Compare:  comparing ourselves to others

8 Things That Reveal a Woman’s Character (for guys)

8 Things to Convince You of a Man’s Character (for girls)

A Garbage Pile of Good Deeds:  checking your motivation for doing good to others

We Need Boring Christians:  faithfulness in the small things

What Is Better?:  continuing to fight against sin

Why Do We Say God Told Me?:  expecting God to speak through the Scriptures

Section Three: Sharpening Your Skills

Answering Objections to Christian Faith

Biblical Interpretation

Feeding Our Hungry Souls:  when we fail to feed on God’s Word

How To Use Soularium Cards to initiate a spiritual conversation

Initiative Evangelism: not waiting for others to ask you

Not Being Able to do it All:  breaking free from a performance mentality

Time Management Math:  seeing where your time goes

Perspectives:  a variation on the use of Perspective Cards

Redemptive Relationships: avoiding evil yet not always avoiding the appearance of evil

Sharing Your Story: preparing to share your testimony

5 Principles for Dating (for Men) 

Preparing Your Spiritual Appetizer:  sorting through the parts of your story that might best connect with not-yet Christians

Communion With the Spirit:  you aren’t given new information to understand, but new eyes to see

Is There Only One Way?:  is Christ the only way to salvation?

Becoming a Life-Giving Mentor, not a dispenser of information

Becoming a Life-Giving Mentor Skill Sharpening

Dating 101

7 Marks of Enduring Accountability Relationships:  facilitating this component of healthy relationships

Christ Did Not Die For You To Do Keg Stands:  formulating a Christian response to drinking on our college campuses

Section Four: Sharpening Your Mission

Definition of Love: 1 Cor 13

Five Things for Your Summer:  kingdom vision, team, plan, ongoing coaching, coach

Worldview Questionnaire

Sharpening Your Mission Further:  more resources from

Coaching Concordance:  what the Bible has to say about several common topics, with references

Good Ways to Start Wondering:  easing into spiritual conversations with “I’m wondering  . . .”

Gospel Proclamation and Social Justice:  combining the two, not one or the other

Grace Right Here Right Now:  understanding the majesty and practicality of the grace you have been given

Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs:  beliefs that automatically make Christianity seem implausible to people.  This one is a little longer, you may want to do this over 2 coaching times.  

You are Uniquely Wired and Uniquely Placed by God 

Answering Common Objections to Christianity  

6 Ways to Waste Your College Education:  allowing your faith to inform your life

For Seniors

Eight Habits For the Transition:  a personal development workshop to help in the transition to “after college”

Sent Ones:  being life-time Christ-centered laborers

What Are We Put In This World to Do?

Recommended Books for Coaching