Coaching Notebook: Core Concepts

Starting Point

Life Map Worksheet
A great first exercise to start getting to know one another. Heritage, Heroes, High Times, Hard Times, Hand of God Times


Confidence in My Relationship with Christ
Understanding our position and identity in Christ

The Spirit-filled life

Having an Eternal Perspective


Having a Plan of Action for Pursuing Purity (Men)

Why Should I Wait?: Pursuing Purity (Women)

*If you need more information on this topic, there is more available from Flesh (for Men) and Fantasy (for Women).

Standing Strong (Sexual Purity for women)

Spiritual Multiplication  Multiplying your life into the lives of others

Conflict Resolution Unresolved conflict leads to isolation

Exploring Pride and Submission A biblical concept that is contrary to the culture


Sharing Your Life Story

Sharing God’s Story

The Christian and Good Deeds

Discerning God’s Will

God’s Heart for the World

What to Pray for Non-Believers

Answering Objections to the Christian Faith