Friday Adventures

The Friday Afternoon Club
The Friday Afternoon Club

Friday Afternoon Club

If the weekly meeting is our front door, The Friday Afternoon Club is the back one. Actually, there’s no door at all because FAC is about exploring the outdoors. Hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and exploring. This is your chance to get off campus and experience some beautiful places and high adventure with other App Students.

Details: We will meet at the Trivette parking turnaround at 3pm on Fridays. We usually need drivers so help us out if you can. We’ll try to be good with sharing the cost of gas with a suggested donation of $1 for each passenger. Oftentimes, there is no limit to the number of students who can participate. Other times, like when we are going rock climbing, there will be limited space. This page will be updated for all information regarding upcoming events, locations, and weather cancellations.


Here’s a sampling of previous outings