Haiti Spring Break 2012

Registration for the 2012 Haiti Spring Break is officially closed.

Objectives for the App State Haiti Spring Break 2012

  • To serve under Cru Haiti (Nehemiah Vision Ministries) and serve in whatever capacity they need, even the seemingly mundane.
  • To better understand and share God’s heart for the poor and oppressed
  • To give students a short opportunity to experience the mission in Haiti with the possibility of longer, future engagement.
  • To enjoy life and have fun as a community.

The Haiti Vision: Please go to here before you begin your application so that you have a clearer sense on the mission you might be participating in.

Take a look at some of our pics from last year

For those who are accepted

haiti planning night

app spring break flight itenerary

  • This trip is now Friday March 9th – Friday March 16th in order to stay within our budget (not Sat to Sat). We can write a letter to your professor if you need permission to miss class on the Friday before Spring break begins.

Important Documents to fill out and return to Katelyn before/after Cru, no later than Feb 16th

If you are under 18

If you are 18 and older

Forms for EVERYONE


  • Mountains Beyond Mountains This is an amazing book that will give you a rich perspective on Haiti. One of my favorite reads of the year. Written by Pulitzer Prize Winner Tracey Kidder, Mountains Beyond Mountains tells the true story of a gifted man who loves the world and has set out to do all he can to cure it. The New York Times says, “Inspiring, disturbing, daring, and completely absorbing.”

MP3 Audio files to download

Gary Haugen from International Justice Mission speaks about Justice

Does God Control Everything?

Isaiah 58, Dr. Timothy Keller

Packing list

Haiti Packing List


The following is a list of immunizations that need to be up to date.

-tetanus up to date

-malaria preventive pills