Spring Break in Haiti

AppState Cru is heading to Haiti for Spring Break! We are partnering with Filter of Hope to bring clean water and The Living Water to people and places of great need. Under the banner of the local church, we will be distributing personal water filters to families that lack access to clean water. Not only will we share the gift of a filter, but many of us will have the opportunity to share the gift of Jesus Christ. Space is limited to 30 students!

Core Commitments:

  • Living a Jesus-centered life and leading a Jesus-centered effort -Col. 1:15-22
  • Understanding Why Jesus Came and participating in His mission -Luke 4:16-21 and     42-43; I John 3:5 and 8
  • Giving a Gospel-centered hope to the poor and to App State students – I Peter 2:24 & II Cor. 5:21(Substitution); Eph. 1:7-10 (Redemption); Rev. 21:1-7 (Restoration).
  • Equipping App State students to effectively share the Gospel here at App State and in the D.R. or Haiti – to share Gospel truths both courageously and clearly – Col. 4:2-4; Eph. 6:19-20.
  • Getting to know our peers, and our Haitian and neighbors for the sake of the Gospel – I Cor. 9:19-23 
  • Preparing FoH teams to effectively teach villagers to use the filter and to share the Gospel as they demonstrate filter use – Col. 4:2-4


March 3 – 10


$2,000. Students will have the opportunity to raise their financial support for this missions trip through faith pledges and donations.


Our mission trip is “all inclusive,” meaning we provide all your food, lodging, in-country transportation, translators and everything you will need for a great week. We will fly out of Charlotte, NC and Port au Prince, Haiti.

Our main base of mission will be in Montrouis, Haiti. Our lodging will be in a secure hotel compound. Typical rooms sleep 2-4 people. Each room has its own bathroom and includes linens, and air conditioning. Meals will primarily be eaten at the hotel buffet which is used to serving an international clientele.

Filter of Hope has a great team of translators who work with us throughout the year. You will find them to be a great addition to your team. We will provide a FoH staff member for your team from the time you arrive until your departure. You will never be left alone on your trip without access to a staff member. In most cases, staff members are staying in the hotel or home with your team and are available for your needs at all times.


Coordinator: Evan Isbill (Filter of Hope) and Eric Heistand (Cru)

  • November 15 – Sign Ups (with $200 deposit due)
  • January 18 – Half Trip Cost Due
  • February 15 – Final Payment Due
  • March 3rd – Leave for Haiti!
  • March 10 – return to Charlotte, NC

Student Trip Packet 2018