IMAGINE LIFE . . . after destruction

Imagine life after destruction
imageimage imageOn August 12th, local coffee roaster Don Cox’s business, Bald Guy Brew, when up in flames. Literally. What an arsonist intended for evil, we as a Cru community want to help restore for good. He is our neighbor, our brother, and friend. And right now, his coffee business is in ashes. Insurance money isn’t coming close to restoring what he lost. Don has always freely given coffee to us, what if we freely and sacrificially gave back to him?

Bald Guy is speaking at Cru on Oct 20th. Wouldn’t it be cool if we surprised him with a large financial gift after he spoke?



Bald Guy’s business ran on caffeine. What if every time you drink caffeine between now and Oct 20th when he speaks, you pledge a certain amount of money to sacrificially give to this Image Life After Destruction initiative? What if your Community Group banded together and came up with a creative way to promote sacrificial giving toward this initiative? ps- Don’t get hung up on caffeine. The point is that we are looking for ways to spark sacrifiical giving in memorable ways within the Cru community.

  • ex) Every time I drink caffeine, I will pledge $2 to Bald Guy. I had 20 coffees, so I will give $40.
  • ex) Instead of buying drinks, I will sacrifice caffeine and instead give that money to Bald Guy. Over these last few weeks, I would have spent $30 which I will instead give to Bald Guy.
  • ex) I don’t drink caffeine! Instead of eating out or entertaining myself, I will hold back and give $25 to Bald Guy


At Cru on Oct 6th we will have Bald Guy faith pledge cards outside of Grandfather Ballroom. Fill one out, and grab a sticker to serve as a daily reminder. This will help us turn a good idea into faithful action.

#3. GIVE.

On Thursday Oct 20th, Bald Guy speaks at Cru. Come early to Cascades between 8:15-8:30 to bring your gift. Cash only! After Don speaks, we will give him our sacrificial giving to help him rebuild his life.

 Please do not advertise this on social media. We are trying to keep our giving secretive, especially with Bald Guy.