You were created to worship. Far greater than a song of praise, humans were made to find our very life in God himself.  We were created to make God the most important thing and to be God’s reflection to the world. Tragically, we turned from worship of God and chose our own glory. We refused to fully trust Him and instead chose parts of creation to give us meaning, hope, and happiness in His place. This semester our journey will take us to the heart of worship, through the lens of Gideon and the book of Judges.

  • Introduction to the theme Tonight is a chance to reconnect, and meet new people. In light of this, you’ll notice that tonight’s material is short and meant to simply get you moving in the right direction.
  • Introduction to Judges  Leaders, please take 30minutes to read through this primer before you start preparing your first study! It will help you immensely, particularly if you are feeling less than competent in leading through a challenging Old Testament book.
    • Excerpt: “Judges has been summed up as ‘despicable people doing deplorable things.’ As the history unfolds, even the ‘heroes’, the judges, become increasingly dysfunctional and flawed. They do many appalling things, and their efforts have less and less redemptive effect. It is a dismal story. The reader will be led to ask, again and again, ‘what in the world is this story doing in the bible?’ The answer is an important one–it is the gospel! Judges shows us that the Bible is not a ‘Book of Virtues;’ it is not full of inspirational stories. Why? It is because the Bible (unlike other faiths) is not about emulating moral examples. It is about a God of mercy and long-suffering who continually works in and through us despite our constant resistance to his purposes.”
  • Week 2: Halfway DiscipleshipJudges 1:1-2:3
    • Leadership tips for this week: Let your group know that they are in the perfect place if they don’t know anything about Judges (or even where to find it). When invited others to read, let them know it is fine to butcher all the strange names. Having fun with this aspect will take off the pressure and lighten the mood.
    • Judges 2 Help  –  This is just a helpful resource as you prepare to lead through chapter 2, it is not intended to hand out to your group, just to help equip you.
  • Week 3: Living Among Idols Judges 2:1-3:6
  • Week 4: Gideon Meets God, Part 1 Judges 6:1-40
  • Week 5: Perspectives Week. (password: compassion) Pause from Judges and engage with Perspectives Week. Pray together, share together. The link has a helpful Perspective 101 guide for you, including FAQ’s.
  • Week 6: Gideon Meets God, Part 2 Judges 6:11-40
  • Week 7: The failure of Gideon  Judges 8:1-28
  • Week 8: The birth of Samson Judges 13:1-25
  • Week 9: Men without chests Judges 17:1-18:25