Luke – Teachings on the Way to Jerusalem

1. Follow Me: Commitment – Luke 9:57-62 Study Run to Win, by Howard Hendricks
2. Martha, Martha: Quiet Times – Luke 10:38-42 Study Taking Time with God
3. Our Father: Prayer – Luke 11:1-13 Study Use Your Superior Weapons, by Tim Downs
4. Beware: Eternal Perspective – Luke 12:1-21 Study Eternal Perspective, by Eric Silverman
5. Why Worry: Worry – Luke 12:22-34 Study Jesus and Worry, by Steve Weaver
6. Last Chance: God’s Kingdom Plan – Luke 12:35-13:35 Study Jesus and the Gentiles, by H. Cornell Goerner
7. For Joy: The Lost Sheep and Lost Coin – Luke 15:1-10 Study
8. Sonship or Slavery?: The Lost Son – Luke 15:11-24 Study
9. Grace for Religious Sinners: The Older Brother Study A Parable of Fisherless Fishermen, by John M. Drescher
10. The Kingdom of God Is Within You: Kingdom Values – Luke 17:1-21 Study Good Old Grace, by Bruce Narramore and Bill Counts
11. Jerusalem: Jesus Enters the City Study