Phan’s + Encounter = Phantastic!

Phan's Food truckPhan’s food truck.  We know it, we love it.  We know that there’s no other place in Boone where you are greeted with a huge smile and affordable teriyaki chicken from a beautiful red truck.

encountersquareEncounter.  We know it, we love it.  We know that its a little pricey but totally worth the cost to enjoy the Cru community and spiritual input we receive.

Combine these two things?  Why yes, yes we will.  Here’s how it works:

  1. If you haven’t been to Phan’s, go eat there immediately.  Come back and read the rest of this post when you’re full and happy.
  2. Buy a Phan’s shirt.  For a mere $13 at our contact table on Monday, Nov. 4 from 11-2 in the international hallway, or online here!
  3. We’ll use the money we make off shirt sales to scholarship everyone from App. who attends Encounter.  The more shirts we sell, the more money you save on Encounter.
  4. All shirts are pre-ordered and prepaid, so that we can make as much as possible.  You’ll get your shirt in a couple weeks.



How do I get that goodness on me??  Order and pay for your shirt at the Cru weekly meeting Oct. 24 or 31st.  You’ll let us know your info. and size, pay for it, and we’ll get them to you when they come in!

I’m not going to Encounter, can I still buy a shirt?  Yes.  In fact, we’d encourage you to buy them for all of your friends and family (Christmas is only 67 days away!)

Can people outside Cru buy/wear/love a Phan’s shirt?  Absolutely.  Get their money and size to us asap.

Still have questions?  Email Lori at